Artist statement

Artist Statement

Through her interest in form and material, Chiho Tokita is a Toronto-based studio potter whose work explores the sculptural possibilities of functional ceramics, as forms unmoored from function but reminiscent of use.  Her ceramic practice lies in the space between functional ceramics and sculpture, using the vocabulary from one to speak the language of the other.


Chiho was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up in New York City.  After living in Boston and Chicago, she and her Canadian husband moved to Toronto.  Prior to becoming a ceramicist, she studied religion and clinical social work at universities in the US.



call and response: the ceramic practice of CAROLE EPP
pages 10-13

unexpected yohen
The Log Book, no 65

seeing in site
pages 9 - 13

no ideas but in material: Steven Heinemann

cupping loss: Linda Sormin

Louis Yves

Photography credit
Dale Roddick