Artist statement

Artist Statement

Chiho Tokita’s work explores the space between functional ceramics and sculpture, borrowing the vocabulary from one to speak the language of the other.  Her practice emerges from a curiosity about the language of form and material.  Unmoored from function but reminiscent of use, her works are about the materiality of clay and re-imagine functional objects as abstract forms, as sculptural ways of thinking about the idea of containment.

Chiho Tokita is a Toronto-based ceramic artist who was born in Tokyo and grew up in New York City.  She has degrees in religion and clinical social work from universities in the US but then became fascinated by the idea of being able to make utilitarian objects after taking a ceramics course in Boston.  Somehow the cylinder that doubled as a door-stopper seemed like the most amazing thing.



Louis Yves

Photography credit
Dale Roddick